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Acquitted of Manslaughter

Colvin guilty of aggravated assault; acquitted of manslaughter
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By Steven Kreytak | Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 08:39 PM

BREAKING NEWS: A Travis County jury has found Kurtiss Colvin guilty of aggravated assault but has acquitted him of manslaughter in the beating death of David Morales during the aftermath of the 2007 Austin Juneteenth celebration. Check back for this developing story.

EARLIER: During closing arguments in Kurtiss Colvin's manslaughter and aggravated assault trial this afternoon, prosecutors contended that even though a teenager leveled the final blow against David Morales, Colvin helped cause Morales' death by punching him first during the aftermath of the 2007 Austin Juneteenth celebration.

"A man is dead and if eight people caused it, eight people should be held accountable. We know of two, and two people should be held accountable," Assistant District Attorney Bill Bishop said.

Defense lawyers for Colvin argued that the 22-year-old former Golden Gloves boxer acted in self-defense that day and that it was 16-year-old Samuel Byrd, who was convicted of manslaughter in juvenile court, who killed Morales.

"Mr. Colvin was only trying to get away from the scene for his own safety and that's exactly what he did," said defense lawyer Keith Lauerman. Lauerman noted that a box-cutter was recovered from Morales' pants later that night.

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